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Our Process

What we do

We focused on a very pragmatic modernist approach, intense contract
documentation, and high speed response. We’ve distinguished ourselves with the
projects we got built.

Before we proceed with any new project, we collect detailed requirement of the project.

UI/UX designs

Our professional designers would create stunning designs that tells a story about your business.


All of our projects are mobile friendly and it is fully compatible with 99% of the browsers.

Tech Support

We provide 24/7 tech support to our clients, we have a professional team around the clock.

Bugs Free

We do multiple tests before we deliver any project to make sure that it has no bugs.

Lifetime Warranty

In case a bug surfaced, we offer a lifetime warranty to fix it and it will be free of charge.


Our Tech Process

  • Initiation

    We charge 25% on signing the contract and 50% will be broken down into milestones and 25% should be paid on delivery of the project

  • Creating Structure

    Creating the solution structure usually takes from 2 to 4 days depending on how complicated and matured the idea is from the client’s side

  • Creating Design

    Once structure is finished, we proceed with creating designs, design process usually takes between 3 to 6 days depending on project’s details

  • Client’s Approval

    We send designs through Dropbox to the client for approval. The client can have 3 days to go through the designs and give feedback and notes.

  • Development

    Once design is approved by the client, the development team starts coding, coding period differs from a project to another and it shall be written in the contract.

  • Testing

    When development process is finished, the client gets 2 copies of the app, iOS and Android copies, we give 3 days to the client to check and to give a feedback.

  • Deployment

    Once the project is fully tested and approved by the client, we shall upload the project on the client’s account and give him/her source code after closing financial obligations


Our Design Process

  • Initiation

    We charge 50% on signing the contract and remaining shall be paid upon the completion of the project

  • Creating Design

    Our creative designers will share some samples with the client in order to come up with the required theme and colors.

  • Designing Process

    Designing Team starts designing and creating the designs according the examples the client provides within the agreed time period

  • Client’s Approval

    The Company shares finished designs with the client to get the final approval and to add final touches as per clients requests.

  • Deployment

    The client shall pay the remaining 50% of the contract and get final designs in PSD and PNG files.


Our Marketing Process

  • Initiation

    The company charges a 100% for the Marketing Plan at a start, other charges will be taken from the monthly spending of the budget

  • R&D

    The marketing team would research and develop a marketing plan based on the given goal by the client.

  • Client’s Approval

    The client has the final say for the suggested marketing plan presented by the marketing team, there could be some tweaking and editing according to the budget and requirement

  • Execution

    Once the marketing plan is approved the plan and budget injected, the team would start executing the plan immediately.

  • First Week Feedback

    We provide the client with metrics and feedback of how the plan is going and what is working and what is not.

  • Tweaking

    The Team would keep tweaking the plan until the required goals are met

  • Continuous Support

    Our marketing team will continue on providing support all the way to make sure that your campaign is meeting the goals.

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