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Company Registration No. : 382497

General FAQ

Yes, we are registered and Licensed in Cyprus, Turkey, United Kingdom and Iraq
Our offices are located in Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, India, United States, and Iraq
Simple because we have competitive pricing, meeting deadlines and 24/7 Support
We have a multi-lingual teams, we have worked on different projects and we cover most of the industries, so experience is here.
Investing in projects depends on several factors, which are, the idea itself, the business person behind it and the vision. Aximus Techs invests in new and unique ideas.

Technology FAQ

The cost depends on how sophisticated, detailed and complicated the app is, and there is no fixed cost.
The cost depends on how rich the content, details and integrated APIs. So there is no fixed cost
Unfortunately we do not, because we are not a hosting company
We protect your idea through a signed NDA agreement.
Of course note, each project will be having its own fingerprint. Plus each project is coded by a different team for security reasons.
Of Course Not. We highly protect our clients and that’s why we have big names among our portfolio
This also depends on how detailed the project is, some projects are done within days, or weeks or even months. It all depends.
Yes, we do offer a lifetime bugs-free agreement, so you don’t have to worry about that.
We offer 3 months support, after that support is paid.
It depends on the type of changes, some minor changes would be free if they were within the support period of time, and drastic changes would be paid whether they’re within the support period or not.
Yes, we have professional writers from different backgrounds, but content writing is an additional cost.
Yes, price would include design, structure and code.
Our prices are very competitive, they’re not considered a bit more than the others, but you cannot compare our company’s work with individuals’ work. Individuals are cheaper than companies but it’s dangerous working with individual programmers due to many security reasons.
The minimum cost is $3,500 is because we have hired the most experienced people in the market and those people are expensive. Plus we are a company that has taxes, pays salaries and has a full corporate structure.

Design FAQ

Cost always depends on the details, required number of designs and the type of design.
It depends on how detailed the project is and how big it is.
Yes, we do all types of designs.
Yes, you can check out packages on Services/Packages.
Eye catchy designs are always a winner,creative designs with original touch would encourage your potential clients’ interest and they will be converted into qualified leads.
We do have award winning designers that are creative with a l ong record of successes and experiences

Marketing FAQ

The minimum cost to start off with a marketing campaign is $2,000 and that would be $1,500 Marketing Plan cost, plus $500 to be spent on marketing
Unfortunately that is not possible, because in order to get the best result for the campaign, we need to perform lots of researching and testing.
We charge our clients 10% on their monthly spending, plus performance fees based on KPIs
The minimum period is at least 3 months, the client pays $2,000 as a start and budget must at least be $1,000 in order to be highly effective.
Yes, you can
Yes, you can

Payments FAQ

We charge our clients through PayPal, Bank Account, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union and Credit Card Payments through our website
We charge 25% because it is fair for both ends, charging 50% is too much but 25% is a good number to start off with, and remaining budget would be broken down into milestones.
Unfortunately, that is not possible. We charge 25% because we also protect ourselves, we cannot work and then client decides not to continue with the project.
Since we work by milestones, you can stop the project anytime you want, what’s paid is paid, and we do not offer a refund after using our resources.
You get source code once all financial obligations are closed.
Yes you do once all financial obligations are closed
We accept Wire Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Western Union
Once payment was not paid on time, the project will be put on hold and there might be a penalty,depending on the contract.