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Because your business needs to be tech developed, we are offering you an affordable solution.

App’s Features

NoteX app presents practical and simple features that every business requires. Those features would allow you to build your brand


Make daily posts, upload a picture and add title and text to your posts.


Reach your clients through notifications, let them miss no more opportunities.

White Label

Have the app in your name, your logo and your clients. Take your business to the next level.

Who is it For?

NoteX app is for all kind of businesses, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Telegram channels. It basically will save you a lot of money and to enable you to reach your clients through Notifications and at any time, your reach will be a 100% for all of the people that are using your app.

NoteX app has been made and structured to be white-labeled and tailored to your business, you can request your brand’s colors and your logo


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