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What is Sooshyo?

Sooshyo is a next level marketing tool that brings brands, influencers and businesses closer to reaching their followers, communities and groups by providing a new approach to consumer communication. This revolutionary app united all social channel notifications into one easy-to-manage, easy-to-use mobile application that will bring back the effect of your marketing strategy. Announcements made through the Sooshyo platform will notify followers of that page or business on recent posts, offers and promotions shared on that businesses social media pages.

By sharing a specialized QR code for your audience to scan, they can instantly link Sooshyo to your page and start receiving unfiltered notifications that break away from the numerous notifications that can come in at once when using a single platform like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Platforms supported by Sooshyo:

  • Super Keyword Research
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snap-chat
  • Telegram
  • Your Website

Say goodbye to low conversions and unviewed posts!


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What Problem Does Sooshyo Solve?

Did you know with the number of notifications the average user receives on Facebook, only 2% of your audience is actually seeing your social media posts? What makes your brand stand out in a sea of steady notification dings? Wouldn’t it feel good not to waste valuable marketing dollars on promotional posts that never even reach all of your followers?

Finally, a place where your customers can stay up-to-date with your brand’s social media posts without being loaded down by spammy ads: You’re welcome 😉

How is Sooshyo Different than Anything Else on the Market?

There is an endless list of apps, platforms and other tools that help manage your social media. They help find, curate and schedule posts to keep your audience engaged with your business, brand or social persona. However, with all of these resources available, there is still one existing problem all of these entities are facing. No other tool, app or platform brings the power of social networking reach to the table by providing a real live social conversion tool.

Sooshyo is the long-awaited marketing bridge for businesses and individuals that have large social groups, communities and followers who need a solution to break through the clutter of today’s constant news feed and multi-notification dings causing wasted time and dollars on marketing for ads that you’ll never get back. From start to finish Sooshyo was developed to solve the biggest problem marketers, businesses and social influencers face: REACH!

Sooshyo harnesses the connection that followers share with brands, businesses, and influencers by giving them a way to never miss a post, story or offer from their favorite online groups.

This probably sounds like an incredible app and believe me it is, but many of you are probably thinking about the annoyance of ads turning your audience, followers and consumers away with the frustration of ad spamming. Nothing irks us like an app full of ads that downgrade the user experience. Sooshyo comes Ad-Free for both sides, not just page owners.

What are the Expected Returns on Investing in Sooshyo?

The best part about Sooshyo is the availability of getting in on a next-gen level of marketing at the investment level. Currently, we are only selling 10% of the company at an evaluation of $1,000,000. The upside here is there is very little investment required for a huge return. Sooshyo will be acquired once the company reaches $100,000,000.

So what do these evaluations mean to an investor? It’s simple. Each share is going for just $100. Not much at all, right? Now let’s see how just a single share of Sooshyo can make all the difference. Since we only allowing 10% of the company to be bought at a valuation of $1,000,000 and then sold once the company reaches an evaluation of $100,000,000, this means that each $100 share bought will yield a 10,000% ROI.

Still confused?

Let’s say you through your extra funds from the month($500) into Sooshyo shares. Not a very big investment, is it? The projected timeline is 2 years and then Sooshyo will then be sold. That small $500 investment is now $50,000. No, this is not a mathematical error.

Why are we so confident on our returns? Plain and simple, Sooshyo is the next big marketing tool. Once the large social channels catch on, it will only be a matter of time before they attempt to acquisition this incredible resource.

Still not convinced?

Sooshyo will be disrupting the marketing model of all of the major social media networks because it will be helping itself to part of their revenue. Every large fan base, Facebook page or huge amount of followers will become revenue earning machines causing advertisers to go directly to the pages instead of utilizing ads via Facebook.

Sooshyo will implement an additional new tool known as the “Ads Manager” where advertisers will have a clean and clear visual of what type of audience each account and page has.

Guy’s we’re looking at a marketing goldmine!

What Risks are Involved If I Invested in Sooshyo?

With all investments there comes some type of risk, this much is true and we know this. So what type of investment risk is involved when dealing with Sooshyo?

Investment risks can come dressed in many packages: All, part, none or my personal favorite gains. Sure, everything could be lost, but with share amounts so low, is there really a risk at all? At worst the investment will be lost and you’re out $1,000 or however many shares you opt-in for. A step of from that, you can lose just half, meaning you can still walk away with some pocket change or better yet, you actually stick with your investment and reap major benefits of smart investing. If 5 shares turn into $50,000, just imagine what $1,000 investment would return.

Life is too short to stay cautious. Play with the experts who know who to turn a dollar.

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